Determine Your Organizing Style

There are several ways to organize just about everything. The trick is to find the way that will work for YOU. It is VERY important that when I step away from your project YOU can find things. (That’s not to say I can’t help with maintenance, I can, but that’s the question for next time.)

There are many factors that go into determining your organizing style. I do this by getting to know you very well. How you work and how you live.
Almost all organizing projects start with sorting. During the sorting process I will ask you A LOT of questions. I need to learn what, when, how, where and why you do what you do. We will talk about what works and what doesn’t. We will talk about why certain things work and others don’t.

You are either right-handed or left-handed. It makes a difference.

You might be a visual person. You might be an analytical person. You are probably more right-brained or left-brained.
You might be creative. You might be a very logical thinker. You might be all over the place.

None of these are wrong. They’re just different.
Maybe you’re at your best early in the morning. Maybe you can’t even think about work until you’ve had a couple of cups of coffee. If we’re deciding how best to organize your office, your day, your emails, your papers or your desk, it is important to know when you’re at your best.

Are you the type of person who likes to know what you’re doing tomorrow before you leave the office or do you like to plan your day when you come in in the morning?

The reason all of these things are important is because to remain organized the systems we put in place will need to become habits. If they go against who you are they will never become habits. It’s my job to find what will work for you. With systems that fit your style, you will develop habits that stick with you. They will fit and feel right.